Import Data from Single Record

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Importing data from a single record refers to the process of bringing in information or details from a single source or individual entry. This can involve extracting data from a single data point or record and incorporating it into a database, spreadsheet, or another system and manually entering the information. This method can be especially useful in testing. Users can import a single record for cleansing, matching, and enrichment. Once the data has been imported, users can modify or map the cleansing and enrichment operations as needed. Perform the following steps to Import Data from a Single Record.

1. From the option provided under the Import Data drop-down menu select Single Entry Form.

2. A dialog box is displayed.

3. Provide a unique Source Record ID.

4. After mapping the fields, Click Save Data.

5. On clicking save, the data will begin processing. Once it is processed, the user will see a notification on the top- “Import Process Completed Successfully” and the number of items imported is also displayed.


Enrichment Only

1. Scroll over to the Import Data drop-down menu.

2. Select > Single Entry Form.

3. A dialog box is displayed.

4. Switch the toggle to the Enrichment only.

5. Enter the Source Record ID.

6. Enter the DUNS Number.

7. Click on Save Data to continue.


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