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1. Search Data

The Search feature allows the user to input details directly into Matchbook, which will then perform a real-time query against D&B data and return all potential candidates:

Additional Actions – Clicking additional actions will let the user perform different kinds of searches:

  • Search by Email – allows users to search by email
  • Search by Address – allows users to perform address search
  • Search by Company – allows users to perform company search
  • Bing Search – allows users to perform a Bing Search
  • Validate Input Address – input address can be validated based on Google map search
  • Google Search – allows users to perform a Google Search

Exclusionary Filters: Users can use the below Exclusion filters to fetch more specific search results:

  1. Exclude Non-HeadQuarters: allow users to exclude Non HeadQuarter companies from the search results.
  2. Exclude Non-Marketable: allow users to exclude Non-Marketable companies from the search result.
  3. Exclude Out of Business: allow users to exclude Out of Business companies from the search result.
  4. Exclude Undeliverable: allow users to exclude mail Undeliverable companies from the search result.
  5. Exclude Unreachable: allow users to exclude companies whose phone number is Unreachable from the search result.

Type Ahead:

Users can search companies by entering 3 letters in the search text box and all the related companies list appear which is related to searched keywords:


Users have the ability to perform few additional actions directly by right-clicking on any record from Search Data:

  1. Add match as a new company
  2. Investigate Record
  3. View Beneficiary Details
  4. Add to Compliance Screening

  1. Add match as a new company

Users can “Add match as a new company” from the search result and that record will flow into the Match Output queue. This record will be displayed as “Onboarding” in the dashboard:

  1. Investigate Record

Selecting the “Investigate Record” option allows the user to initiate a targeted investigation with D&B for a specific searched record:

  1. View Beneficiary Details

Users can view beneficiary details of any searched record by right-clicking on it and selecting the “View Beneficiary Details” option:

  1. Add to Compliance Screening

Users have the ability to perform screening from Search Data and that record will be screened by right-clicking and selecting the “Add to Compliance Screening” option:

Furthermore, the user is able to view all the searched company’s details on Google Map by clicking on the “View Candidates on Map” option:

Users can view the Firmographics Details of the any searched company by clicking on the forward icon:

2. Build A List

This screen allows users to build a list by performing searches based on several different criteria, such as keyword search, industry code search, company size search, etc.