Companies are doing business at a faster pace than ever before.

Having accurate and timely data to make key business decisions is mission-critical. It’s also true that business is more dynamic than ever before, and the boundaries for conducting that business are truly global and nearly limitless. With these blurred boundaries, it has never been more important to understand who your organization are doing business with.

Clearly identifying a business entity’s true ownership has always been a challenge. This is especially when those companies are obscured by layers of indirect ownership and affiliations. Accurately knowing your customer, and specifically, the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Ownership) of your customer is a significant regulatory and compliance requirement. Attempting to able to quickly breakdown and decipher the actual ownership structure, linkages and relationships is a daunting task, to say the least.

This task comes with many unique challenges. We knew there had to be an easier way. So to help make the process of definitively identifying your customers and their ownership structure easier, Matchbook is introducing a new compliance component to our platform. Specifically, we are providing a UBO Viewer capability.  This UBO Viewer provides straightforward visualizations to clearly show ownership and linkage information. Other key features and benefits of the UBO Viewer include its ability to:

  • Deliver D&B linkage needed to comply with AML/CTF and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) rules
  • Provide critical information about beneficial owners of companies
  • Provide unique options of both tabular and graphical views to display relationships
  • Export in PDF/Excel format

In short, the goal of the UBO Viewer is to untangle the maze of complex relationships that exist with many of today’s companies. Then you’ll be able to make sound decisions and be compliant into today’s marketplace.


Want a demonstration of the Matchbook UBO Viewer? Or just want to find out how to try Matchbook Essentials for $0/month? Get in touch with our sales team.  

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