The Matchbook AI team is pleased to announce that Shankar Ram is joining the Board. Shankar brings immense executive leadership and insight to Matchbook AI. He serves as the President of Finder Foods, is a passionate tech entrepreneur and experienced angel investor.

Shankar has launched multiple successful companies over three decades and has served as an innovator in both computer mapping and global trade management software.

“Technology is changing the world faster than ever before,” Shankar says.

“Today, much of that change can be found in the mountains of raw data we have available. While my passion started with the energy industry in Texas, I now see data as the fuel for business transformation.”

“Data has the power to drive business in new directions and our leadership advisors must reflect that,” Rushabh Mehta says.

“Shankar has a very strong and unique point of view into the tech landscape and sees where data intelligence can spark the most opportunity. I’m looking forward to his insights as Matchbook AI continues to grow.”

As an angel investor, Shankar continues to oversee a diverse portfolio of companies covering FinTech, AI & Machine learning, medical devices, biotechnology and SaaS products for businesses and consumers. He is an active member of Tech Coast Angels (, Guindy Alumni Angels ( and has been the Chair of TiESoCal Angels ( for the past three years. He is also on the Board of TiE Southern California (, a worldwide organization for entrepreneurs.

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