Matchbook AI’ April release is full of enhancements, features and bug fixes. However most excitedly Montoring is now live! Matchbook Monitoring AI now gives you updates on changes if your data changes in the D&B Database. You can choose to monitor all of your data or subsets of your records. See below for more details on this release:

  • Real-Time Single Transaction API (Live API) – Enterprise edition users can now make real-time calls to Matchbook AI in order to get match and enrichment data. This feature is available for limited preview only and will be fully available to all enterprise customers by end of May. If you are interested in testing out this feature, please contact us.
  • End User Licensing Agreement – When users log in, they will first be asked to accept the EULA before they can continue to use the portal. On the login page, as well as at the bottom of the portal, there is a link to the Licensing Agreement.
  • REST API’s for Data Download – Users can now use REST API’s for downloading results from Matchbook AI for the Match Output as well as the Data Enrichment Output for Detailed Company Profile. To use this feature and to get your API credentials, please contact our support team.

Other Enhancements

  • Show Tags – We now show data tags as tooltips when tags are present in the data
  • Data Stewardship Statistics – Enhanced the pie chart on the dashboard to show actual counts by data steward in addition to percentages
  • New count indicators on the Export Page – New indicators display count of records in the export queue
  • Remove informational Tooltips – We have removed informational tooltips from the dashboard to make way for new help features that will be rolled out in April
  • Multiple tags when adding new company records – Users can now add multiple tags to new records being added via the UI into the database
  • Import/Export Additional Auto-acceptance rules – Users can now import new rules from Excel file or export rules out to Excel
  • Manage Tags – Users can now manage tags from the Configuration Settings page
  • Dashboard Refresh – Users can now click refresh on the new refresh icon on the dashboard to refresh the information on the dashboard
  • Redirect on Logout – Users are now redirected to Matchbook’s News and Releases page on logout where users can get the latest information from Matchbook AI
  • About Us page – We added more licensing details on the about us page for easy viewing

Bug Fixes

  • Update standardized data in output when searching via the Clean Data/Search page
  • Import Data Page – Change label “Text with Delimited” to “Custom Delimiter”
  • Made the Monitoring Profile ID’s and Notification Profile ID’s received from D&B as the unique identifier in the configuration tables
  • Data Import File Name – storing the right file name based on the import process
  • Fix Review Matches confidence code filter which was not filtering data if nothing was selected for confidence codes
  • SearchByDUNS feature should accept only Numbers
  • Fixed the message box popup when accessing the base report
  • One Time verification code was not being emailed to first time users
  • Investigation Report was not showing certain the Investigation Remarks

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